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Anxiety                     Trauma               Perinatal Mood              Infertility Counseling      Relationship Issues
                                                     and Anxiety Disorders

Embarking on the journey of therapy can be both intimidating and courageous. Congratulations on taking this significant first step – it reflects your strength and determination. In the therapeutic process, you'll discover insights, explore strategies to overcome challenges, and cultivate a profound connection, understanding, and appreciation for yourself.


Therapy provides a platform for expressing not just your thoughts but also the deeper emotions tied to the issues that led you to seek help initially.

This collaborative journey involves equal commitment from both you and your therapist. It's crucial that you feel a sense of safety and trust with your chosen therapist. Our practice offers three skilled and specialized clinicians, each bringing a unique approach to therapy. If you have questions or need more information to find the best fit for you, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Congratulations again on taking this transformative step toward your well-being.

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