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Anxiety                     Trauma               Perinatal Mood              Infertility Counseling      Relationship Issues
                                                   and Anxiety Disorders

Therapy is a process which is both scary and challenging to begin. Congratulations on taking the first step, it takes a lot of strength and courage to be able to start this process. Through therapy, you will be able to gain insight, explore ways to overcome difficult challenges in your life and develop a deeper connection, understanding and appreciation for yourself.  Therapy will allow you to begin expressing not only your thoughts but also deeper emotions which are often connected to the issues which first caused you to seek therapy.  


Therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist.  It involves an equal amount of energy on both our parts and is important that you feel safe with the therapist you choose. We have three talented and specialized clinicians to pick from.  Please contact us with questions if you would like more information on who we believe could be the best fit for you! 

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