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Providing counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and families in the Greater Baltimore area and Maryland

Getting Help

You are here, that is the first step! Wether you are struggling with anxiety and depression, managing the ups and downs of daily life or parenting, having just experienced or finally ready to process trauma or needing to work through challenging relationships, we are here to help. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email, we can help you figure out which of our therapists will be a good fit to support you through what you chose to work on, understand or change in your life. 



Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders









Teens and Family Therapy 

Charm City Counseling's therapists are committed to providing high quality services to our clients in the Greater Baltimore area and Maryland while upholding the values of diversity and inclusivity and appreciating the uniquenesses that our clients bring to therapy. Each individual's experiences are different than our own. We are committed to consistently working towards exploring and understanding our own privileges and differences as they relate to the clinical care of our clients and our community. 

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